hi my name is cameron and i'm from stephen king land. i'm also an incredibly gay community college student, how are you today

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bronies on why it’s ok to use a disabled kid’s oc who got it in the show through make-a-wish foundation and asked for porn to not be fucking drawn of it in porn

most of these comments have way more thumbs ups than comments saying that it isn’t very cool to draw porn of stellar eclipse, to the point where users who think it’s morally questionable generally get bashed by other bronies. fucking amazing

"this is the internet"

ah yes, the universal mantra for people who don’t want to be held responsible for their own bullshit

gotta love how bronies are now all of a sudden really enlightened and concerned about a disabled person’s sexual needs, as if they would have even given a fuck outside of this situation. they’re trying to paint the situation in a way that makes them seem like they’re non-ableist, but it’s so fucking patronizing that it ends up swinging back around onto itself and becomes incredibly ableist. like a ouroboros of self-aggrandizing bullshit. remarkable.

literally nothing in the world is more important to bronies than making everything in a kid’s show about their irrelevant boners

this entire ordeal is so asinine the more I hear about it, but this? this is absolutely putrid and downright unforgivable.

bolded section is mine because adri especially hits the nail on the head. these people keep grasping at microscopic straws for any kind of validation for this kind of behavior and it just floors me whenever i see it in action.

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Madagascar day gecko by Mark Dumont

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